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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Why Write Your Book Now?

September 8, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

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By Sophfronia Scott

On the surface of things, now doesn’t seem to be the ideal time to be at your desk writing. If you’re absorbing all the news of negativity, change, lack, fear and uncertainty, then you might think you should be running around, shaking the bushes for business, wringing your hands or even tearing your hair out! But instead of speeding up and raising your levels of anxiety, I challenge you to do just the opposite: slow down. Observe. Now is the time to write.

Right now people want to hear new, helpful ideas from calmer heads. We recognize immediately that a person who has the insight to pen a thoughtful manuscript at a time like this is someone to pay attention to–and do business with.

Recently I received a manuscript from a businesswoman whose industry has thoroughly crumbled. There’s lots of finger pointing going on, especially at the government level. But this shrewd lady recognized, based on her clients’s questions, that there was a need to understand how this happened and what they should do next.

With that idea in mind (and nothing else–she’s not an experienced writer and knows nothing about book publishing) she wrote her manuscript. It’s an excellent book and her business will benefit. When people are running for the exits, she will have clients running TOWARD her because she will have shown that she is interested in helping her clients and she understands what’s going on in her industry. How can you do the same with great results?

1. Get clear on your “why”

You’ll find it a lot easier to get motivated to write if you’re clear on why you’re doing it. Think of the benefits you are offering your reader, and the advantages you will gain for your business.

2. Develop a strategy

You will enjoy those advantages a lot faster if you have a strategy for making it happen. Think about the different ways you can make money with your book. Then develop your plan with the specific action steps you need to take to achieve your goals.

3. Assemble your team

When you have the right people working on your project, it helps you prioritize your work in addition to providing guidance and knowledge. You will know, for instance, that you might have to write promotional copy first so a graphics artist can be working on your cover while you write other material.  I had 2 consultations with a pair of entrepreneurs who wanted me to edit the book they are writing together. After much discussion about the outline they  had and the material they know they will use, we finally got to a point where I said, “Okay, there’s really nothing else to talk about. I can’t do more for you until you give me a manuscript to edit.” They knew it was finally time to put it all on paper and this was the kick they needed to get going!

4. Get going!

I created the How to Write & Publish Books That Change Lives, workshop so you will have the best experts for you with hands on help so you can see how you will bring your book into the world.  I know that what you have to offer the world is amazing. Come join us, and we’ll show you how to write your book, get it produced and share your insight with the many readers waiting for it.

Just like the pair above, you have to do it! Remember, you don’t have to write War and Peace. Write your book, your way, with your great voice and your great information. You’ll never know the difference you can make until you do.

© 2011 Sophfronia Scott

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