Do You Need A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

You’re hurting and have a bit of neck pain after your injury. But, there’s no damage to your bike, and everything else is okay. You don’t need a lawyer, right? The team at  of motorcycle accident attorneys would tell you to think twice. In most cases, after an accident, you aren’t going to feel the pain immediately. So, you don’t know if you’re okay, even though you think you are at the scene of the accident. This is just one of the reasons you might need a motorcycle accident lawyer when you’re involved in a bike accident.

What will the top lawyers tell you? The team at and the best accident lawyers will inform you to

  • Talk to a doctor or specialist
  • Find out if you have any lingering pain, and wait a few days to see if pain persists
  • Have everything checked out to make sure there aren’t any injuries that were sustained (even if you don’t feel pain)

The top attorney is also going to inform you to avoid

  • Signing anything, especially if the other party’s legal team asks you to
  • Discuss the accident with others who aren’t involved
  • Post anything on social media
  • Talk about your injuries or damages

The top legal team has your best interest in mind. Many people think they can talk about the accident and then later ask for a higher settlement if it turns out they did sustain major injuries they didn’t immediately note. If you sign anything, you are saying you can’t go after the liable party if you are hurt. So, you need to avoid this at all costs, and you should avoid speaking to others about the accident, at least until you talk to a lawyer, to find out if you have a viable claim or not after your accident.… Read the rest

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What Is A High-Risk Payment?

There are two types of business owners who own low risk or high-risk credit card processing accounts. Higher risk account holders have a more difficult time getting approved for business. Learn more about how high-risk payments are dealt with in the credit card processing industry.


What Are High-Risk Payments?


A high-risk payment is likely to be denied instead of approved. This results in chargebacks or the return of funds to payers. The bank initiates this reversal of payment if there is a lack of funds or if the customer requests a refund. A company that receives many chargebacks or product returns is considered to be high risk.


Payment Processing Options for High-Risk Clients


Payment problems should not prevent any company from continuing its business operations and improving its finances in the process. Credit card payment processors are available for high-risk clients that could belong to any industry. However, a few of the riskiest businesses are gambling, gaming, and telemarketing.


There are special terms and conditions that come with the use of high-risk credit card processing. The merchant may be charged a rolling reserve to prevent losses caused by chargebacks. To cover the risk, a certain percentage of credit card sales is held. The money can be held until after the merchant’s transactions are cleared.


Initially, the fees that were charged to high-risk clients were expensive with some commission rates being as high as 15%. Now, there are more affordable solutions without the need to pay severe penalty fines.


Looking for the Right One


Do not choose any payment processor to work with if you want to do good business. Consider the type of business model as you choose a payment processor because some may refuse to work with certain high-risk businesses. Ask about the types of anti-fraud methods and technologies that the processor uses to prevent chargebacks. Find a company that has a system of preventing chargebacks before they occur.


High-risk credit card processing includes a heavy emphasis on fraud prevention. Your company’s business transactions are monitored closely and certainly holds are placed on your money and bank account. These steps are important because chargebacks are expensive to fix and time-consuming to deal with for both merchants and banks. However, high-risk merchants still have a lot of control over their own finances, but you must find the right credit card Read the rest

Selecting The Right Spinal Surgeon

Spinal surgery is no small feat. There’s plenty of research that should be conducted by potential candidates before they pick their spinal surgeon. Not only to ensure you choose a qualified surgeon but also to know they have experience in the type of surgical procedure you need to have completed. Before you settle on any surgery clinic or choose a surgeon for your procedure, you’ll have to compare multiple surgeons, to know you’re picking the right one.


You can’t trump experience; when selecting the spinal surgeon for your procedure, make sure you know how long they’ve been in the industry. You’ll want to ask

  • How many similar procedures they have performed
  • How long they’ve been in the field
  • The type of tools they use during surgery
  • How many complications their patients have had
  • The time it takes to complete the surgery and recovery

Ask as many questions as possible Find out everything you need to know, so you can make an informed decision about the surgeon, and so you can pick one that has many years of experience with the type of surgical procedure you are going to have completed.


Their track-record is also important. You don’t want to have surgery with a surgeon that has had 5 unsuccessful surgeries in their last year of work, do you? Nor do you want one that has a high failure or rejection rate. So, understand the quality of their work, the type of procedures they do and find out about their patients and the recovery process. You have to pick a surgeon that is going to do the procedure well and will result in the best outcome for you. Understand what a surgeon is capable of before you undergo a procedure with them.

Surgical Types

Then there are the different types of surgery that the spinal surgeon has completed You don’t want to be the guinea pig for a new procedure. Make sure they’ve done similar procedures in the past and that they have a high success rate with the type of surgery you are going to have. This will give you more confidence in knowing you are in the best hands when the time comes for you to have the surgery completed.

There are many surgeons you can choose for spinal surgery. Before you do pick the right one for the procedure you’re going to undergo, these tips Read the rest

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