The Real Meaning of Healthy Living

Wellness experts make a lot of money telling their clients how to be healthy. Many more people aspire to enter this field. Who doesn’t want to be a millionaire who pays for their private island by telling truly desperate people to eat less, move more and start a gratitude journal?

But is making others feel bad because they’re not on their knees thanking the Universe for their clean water really the way to help people live healthier lives? Or can we all work harder to meet people where they’re at and practice a bit of empathy?

We all know that living a healthy life is important. But here’s the million-dollar question: what constitutes a “healthy life?” Is it eating vegan for one week, starting a plant-based influencer business, then going back to eating meat while continuing to make money off a lifestyle you no longer follow? (News flash: No. It isn’t)

Or is living a healthy lifestyle nothing more than eating well most of the time while not turning away from that piece of cheesecake once in a while? In this post, you’ll get the answers to your questions about how to live healthy in 2020 and beyond. The post will not just feature five rules for living a healthy life. It will also teach you how to live a life that will not make your friends want to punch the self-righteousness out of your face as they devour a tower of nachos as you daintily pick at your fried tofu.

Rule #1:Stop Obsessing About Those Last 5 Pounds

For the most part, you’re happy with the way you look. But you keep telling anyone who will listen that you “just can’t lose those last 5 pounds”. I hate to break the news to you, but 5 pounds didn’t turn anyone from a “5” to a “10”. Being healthy is not about getting “likes” on your bathing suit pics. It’s about being able to play with your kids without getting winded. It’s about kicking butt in your exercise boot camp class. Being healthy is living your life to the fullest while making good choices most of the time. So stop whining about those five pounds. Life is about more than being able to show off an 8-pack on the beach.

Rule #2:Stop Demonizing Certain Foods

With a new decade should come new rules about how we should direct others who want to want to eat a nutritionally optimal diet. In other words, health experts should really push the idea that we should work to find the eating plan that will help us thrive. Instead, many people become vegan after following the advice of a thin, young social influencer. Or they go paleo because they follow an influencer who makes fun of vegans. Or they go keto because their favorite entrepreneur looks jacked in his shirtless pics. While a vegetarian diet can help one person, another person can change their life with the carnivore diet. One diet doesn’t fit all, people! Do some experimenting to find the eating plan that will help you feel great.

Rule #3:Stop Following Influencers Who Demonize Foods

This year, it seems as if the “diet wars” have really increased in intensity.

“Vegans are self-righteous idiots. And they smell bad”

“Anyone who eats meat is a murderer. And did you know that eggs are a chicken’s menstruation?”

“Anyone who eats keto is a smelly idiot”

Etc, etc ad nauseum. Who cares what and how you eat? Eat a salad once in a while. Eat meat. Don’t eat meat. The world will not end either way.

Rule #4:Stop Trying to Be Perfect

It’s not possible. Perfection is a losing battle. So eat that piece of birthday cake and live a little!

Rule #5:Be You

Did eating keto change your life so much that you want to start a blog chronicling your health journey? Great. Do you want to eat whatever you want while doing intermittent fasting on a regular basis? Awesome. Do you want to finish this post so you can go back to eating a Junior’s cheesecake while watching Netflix? It’s all gravy. 2020 is about doing health your way without any input from the stale peanut gallery that is the Internet.

The Real Meaning of Healthy Living

  1. Be a good person: No one will give a flying crap that you eat three salads a day if you treat everyone around you like garbage. It’s the golden rule, people!
  2. Define health for yourself: No vegan influencer, ripped entrepreneur, or former supermodel-turned-life-coach can do it for you. Besides, you’ll be a lot happier if you follow your own guidelines for a healthy life. Get the answers to your questions through a bit of introspection.
  3. Eat an avocado once in a while: I know, I know. But avocados really are among one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. It even has more potassium than a banana! So make yourself some avocado toast and ring in the new year. Or fry up some bacon for the new year. To your health!
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